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Monday July 03

3:09am.  Just back from Portland.  Played with the Brock Pytel Band at Satyricon (a prototypical rock  cesspool, famous as Portland's premier shit-hole rock club.   

The entire evening was a comedy of errors, although the music shined in spite of the absurd situations around us: the promoter blowing off the show, the headline band drives on to SF before we arrive, we decide to stay and see if there is an opportunity to play anyway -- unfortunately, there is.  

We set up and play (well) for about 0.5 people in the audience, pack up, and head for home at midnight.  Curt spends $50 at Motel 6 where we were planning on staying, but he checked out when we heard the gig was cancelled.  Do you hear a flushing sound?

Whew.  Didn't want to stay in a fleabag motel anyway.   The pain of driving home was worth not staying in a low-quality burlap-bedspread dump.

On the post-midnight drive home, there is another flushing sound as Curt makes friends to the dissonant tune of $180 with a speed-trap -- could have just as easily been me as I was travelling in front of him, obliviously singing along at the top of my lungs with the new Peter Gabriel CD ('OVO') which JoelB bought for me and gave to me as a gift today.  (This simple act of kindness totally made my day.  This music is a gift from heaven, and it is going to propel me to complete the three CDs that I've had on the back burner for 2000.) 

It also made the drive home possible.

The highway was littered with speedtraps, so cruise control at 60 became a useful tool. 

Anyone who knows my already insane life, knows that this rock show in Portland was just another insane episode in the long string of insanities which is my life.  But, hey, who's counting -- the world of the impossible is a world of quality, so the quantity of insanity which I take on is irrelevant.  

Beyond a certain point, all projects are equally insane.   But I do choose my insanities carefully.

* * * 

But back to something important: The new Peter Gabriel CD is the fuel I've been waiting for.   Why else would I be up at, now 3:17am, entering this text when any intelligent person would be fast asleep by now, especially after an all nighter last night with Visio, preparing for the upcoming Series B challenges which are set to consume the month of July.  

BillE said it well today: CEOs should not be doing all-nighters.  I second that motion.  He is so right.  My pudgy aging body is not bouncing back so quickly these days.   And I need to be awake and in tune during these next four weeks.   

The pace, intensity, rigor and responsibility, (despite my vacation) is on the rise again.  So far, I've been able to remain one step ahead, and stay on top of the necessary challenges.   But, the race is getting faster.

* * *

Oh, while in Maui last week, back home I received an invitation to my 20 year High School reunion in the midwest on the weekend of July 24th.   Will I go?   Yes.  Completion is good.   Connecting the present with the past is necessary.  

* * *

Make tomorrow today. 

Thank you Peter.

* * *

Hope Brock, Bob, Curt and Dean made it home safely without more tickets.   An expensive evening, all around.   

Can't help thinking about Carbondale and wondering if the show tonight had any value beyond practicing a performance for the musicians. 

* * *

Many things to catch up on -- Brock Pytel Band also at Sit-n-Spin last night.   A good show.   Brock, Heather, and I have some history with Sit-n-Spin.  For another time.  

Tomorrow, some photos from the show (thanks ot LindaB) may show up here.   But not tonight.  What, are you insane?

Never did call DebraK back a few weeks ago.  Hope it was not anything urgent.  Piles of email, all unread since vacation last week.  Also, huge piles of bills, and snail mail.  Tomorrow (today) is Independence Day.   And miles to go before I sleep.   

Scratch that -- going to sleep right now.  Goodnight.

* * *

Tuesday July 04

* * *

Some inspiring mail from TravisH today:

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Tiktok 
To: Steve Ball 
Sent: Tues,July04,00 5:32PM
Subject: Re: July 3rd diary entry

Stevie boy, the Boho Tour is a life sentence, not a tragedy of fixed


Unfortunately, Travis is correct.

* * *

And this one, from many days ago, somehow slipped by the all powerful delete key:

-----Original Message-----
From: Tiktok 
Sent: Mon, June 19, 00 7:46 AM
To: Steve Ball
Cc: Bill Rieflin
Subject: Ha.


Recently it's come to my attention that you've deleted 2000+ unread mails from your inbox. Your suggestion to those trusting enough to attempt correspondence with you is "for those of you in the deleted bin, if it was really important, and i did not respond, please email me again."

Looking back on my records, I see that you've failed to respond every one of my important mails (averaging 15-20 per day) for the last six months. How could this be? Luckily, I have copies of everything in my Sent Mail folder, and so I'll just resend all 3067 of my personal bulletins to you. In the future I'll be maintaining a new folder "SB Sent Mail" to make this task easier, and I'll be urging all your friends and acquaintances to do the same.



But not for long.  <del>

* * *

Seven hours of sleep today.   You do the math.

* * *

Wednesday July 05

SGC rehearsal this evening -- full of energy and intensity, perhaps due to the recent music work with the Brock Pytel Band.   My fingers feeling strong, and my ear is also feeling strong after a week of vacation and a weekend of music.

Also beginning to scale some new whales. 

Show tomorrow evening at the OK Hotel.  Also, Bumbershoot came through for the SGC -- trying to convince Curt to stay home for one more day to do the most important show in the history of the SGC.  

* * *

Good meeting with GeorgeZ and BillE this afternoon, followed by some excellent mentoring from BillE.   We hit the 50.1% mark after weeks of uncovering the priorities that are going to enable BootlegTV to accomplish our long term aims.  

The path to "success" is not always direct or obvious.  We need one more week to refine the ore we have uncovered.   But we are on to something big.  I am buzzing with excitement.  Building a vehicle is a complex process involving fuel, an engine, tires, a steering mechanism, an exhaust system, and user friendly controls.   No fuel, no journey.  

Getting closer to a major fuel infusion.   

* * *

Reminded of an excellent Mark Anderson quote today:  "Profits are natures way of telling you you are a useful part of the ecosystem."

* * *

Oh yeah,... finally, here are some of Linda Barth's photos from the Brock Pytel Band gig at Sit-n-Spin last week:

Brock, Brocking Out

Bob, Rocking Out

Curt, Rocking In

Curt, I can see it now

Jaxie and Walter, "check out Steve's pants..."

Jaxie and Walter, "Yeah, they don't look yellow..."


* * *

Thursday  July 06

A day of non-stop stress.  The middle of a great divide.  Many landmines in the ground nearby.   Walking gently today.

* * *

The highlight of my day: Trapiche at the SCG show this evening at the OK hotel.   The Cloud of Unknowing was mind-blowingly on

* * *

The price of doing the right thing is very high.  The cost of doing the wrong thing is also very high.  

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. 

* * *

Tomorrow is another challenging day.  Need to get to bed early this evening.  It's now 12:29, so this qualifies as early this evening.  

Prayers for the struggling this evening.

* * *

Friday July 07

Friday.  Much weight on these shoulders.  Gravity pulling down.  I will not fall down.

* * *

"In this world you have become clothed and rich,
but when you come out of this world, how will you be?
Learn a trade that will earn you forgiveness.
In the world beyond there's also traffic and trade.
Beside those earnings, this world is just play.
As children embrace in fantasy intercourse,
or set up a candy shop, this world is a game.
Night falls, and the child
comes home hungry without his friends."

-Rumi, Mathnawi, II 2593-99

* * *

Saturday July 08

A full work day beginning at 9am.  Continual evolution in the growing plans and specs.  

An afternoon with Violet and Ken in their amazing house.  Ken showed me the QOTSA video and the MDFMK videos he shot.  This is the first time I've had the opportunity to see some of the recent BootlegTV video work that has been done.  Some great stuff here.   Inspiring.   Good to catch up with Ken, Violet, also with BenS in the afternoon.  

Spending more time meeting with BootlegTV friends and staff lately.  Sharing the plans for the next phase, slowly, and gently.  Really need a day off, but it's 9am again tomorrow morning.  

* * *

Continued arranging and Scaling Whales for an unveiling later this summer.  Much to say, but not here, not now.

* * *

Sunday July 09

No weekend.   Ug.

* * *