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Monday October 02

Back in NYC.

Meetings at ABC Broadcasting
7 West 66th Street

Saw Barbara Walters going up the elevator.  Saw Peter Jennings from the visitors area above the news room.  Insights into the world KevinM left to come to BTV.

CBS Corporation
524 West 57th Street
Another view of the news world.

Back to ABC for meeting #2
7 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

* * *

Tuesday October 03

Fly to Washington National, then, train to Bethesda, MD.  All day meetings with another major entertainment/news/media organization.  Some interesting discoveries.   A poorly timed fire alarm prevents us from having a late lunch at McCorrmick and Schmicks.   Fly back to NYC early evening. 

9:00 -11:00pm
Dinner with BillB, GeorgeM, and SarahC.  Wonderful meal at Ruby Foos, upper west side. Delightful company, and start-up war stories.   

Beginning to get a sore throat. 

* * *

Wednesday October 04

Meeting with the President/COO of a major television network.  Reminiscence about Steel Wheels and the 80s.  Great ideas about next generation media processes.  The highlight of the week so far.  

Mediocre meeting with a huge record label and an aspiring content licensee.  A regular content comedy.  

Back to ABC for meeting #3.  Great team and excellent progress.  Rubber hitting the road.

Meeting with Handshake Dynamics, consulting group in lower mid-town.  Engineering show and tell.   

Dinner with GeorgeM, BillB, CharlieH, and KevinM, reviewing the meetings of the week.

* * *

Thursday  October 05

Quick meeting with SarahC at HBO.  Nice couches.

11:00 am
Back to another division of large music company. Quick presentation, then out the door for a lunch meeting.

12:30 - 2:00pm 
Lunch with JakeG, manager of the Tragically Hip. Closing in on ongoing commitments.  Plans to meet again in Seattle soon.  

3:00 pm
Back to the Broadway Millennium, pick up bags and off to JFK for the flight home.

9:30-11:30 pm
Dinner meeting with JohnL, ChristianVB, and GeorgeM to catch up on the events of the week.

Sleeping in my own bed for a change.  Nice to be home.  Hope to unpack sometime before I have to leave again in one week.

* * *

Friday October 06

Back in the office today.  Constantly impressed by CarmineM, BruceH, and the growing dev team.  Hope springing up all over the office.  

Late afternoon meetings at MS.  More hope boinging around this evening.  

Still fighting a sore throat.  I'm in denial.  Can't afford to be ill.

* * *

Saturday October  07

Sitting at Curt's this morning.  A sneezy morning.  But the time flew by.  Then, breakfast with TobinB, BillR, and CurtG as the Travii and SteveE marched off to rehearsal.  Rumor is they have a gig tonight in Ballard.

May have to drop in on them.

Post-brunch 3 hour meeting with CVB on Queen Anne, then home for some major domestic tasks.

* * *

Sunday October 08

Excellently honorable show last night by Triptych and Electrochakra.   Wow.  Something seems to be going on in the Seattle music scene.  

BenS is back in action.

Seattle GC who's who in the audience: CurtG, DebraG, JT, TobinB, PeterK, CyrenaS.  

Nice to see DebraG out and about.  We may meet up in NYC week after next.  Apparently, our old friend, LauraP is extremely pregnant, and Debra is going out to visit.  I have not seen LauraP since 1995 -- we had dinner together with David Sylvian in London after the Royal Albert Hall KC show.  

My time is flying.

* * *

Early breakfast regarding this morning, exploring a possible future.  Then a good meeting with the core BN team, going over the PPT one more time before diving into a week of focus on fund-raising.  

* * *

Many, many unreturned communications this weekend, continuing to pile up.  Spent some time this evening going through email and hitting the big <delete> to thousands of unread messages.  Also, some brief messages to those who have been waiting for a response.  

* * *

Most important part of my evening:  two+ hours of work on my Ovation.  Such simple joy, to touch this instrument.  At times, this instrument has been an extension of my body.  

Tonight, it fits like an old friend.

* * *

Monday October 09

Good SGC rehearsal this evening.  Spirited first half; bogus Chinese food during the break, then a metroomic second half.  Felt very tired by about 10:45.   Much tasteless humor flying about most of the evening.  

* * *

Exactly 364 days ago, I began a public, online diary as part of the Seattle AAD course.  My intention for this project was to publish a public diary writing as a means of documenting my work on the course, both for myself, and for those participating at-a-distance.

After the course, I kept writing, and decided to commit to keeping a public diary for at least one year.  That year is coming to an anniversary tomorrow, Tuesday.  To celebrate this completion and this anniversary, I plan to take an intentional break from public diary writing until November 6th.   Many things are changing on both micro and macro scales in my life and in the lives around me.   These ongoing,  evasive, poetic diary entries do not do the real (although highly private) events justice, so best to be intentionally absent for this period than to be  half-heartedly present. 

New worlds may be opening up by the time I return in November.   Hope to see you there.

Best wishes,