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Monday March 06

3:04am - Just home from the Peter Murphy show at the Showbox -- the first real BTV event, coordinated flawlessly by Violet.  Some excellent heroism from Ken, Joel, Carlos, 80, the crew in the trenches.

What a day.  Can these days continue to accelerate in activity and intensity?  Not sure.  

Out for a quick tea and fondue with BillR, FrankieS, BarbaraM, and company post show.   Then a quick trip back to BTV headquarters for an idiot check (yep - idiot) and agenda mail for the day tomorrow.  

Pre-show, I met RF and DS at the airport at 9:50pm for a quick update and car meeting, whisked them back to their hotel (neither of their room keys worked the first time around) then over to the PM show to set the stage for our SP/PM meeting tomorrow at headquarters.   

So much more to say about this amazing and intense day.  Did I mention the SGC gig at an Irish pub  just before the airport trip?   Did I mention the new office is coming together like a charm?   Did I mention how much better I feel since the weekend?

Thanks for the calls Tony.      

Did I mention that there are many things I am dying to mention, but cannot?

* * *

Some rather strange mail in the ol' mailbag today: 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: William Rieflin 
To: Steve Ball 
Sent: Monday, Mar 06, 2000 10:44 AM
Subject: oh yeah?

> If you think that color is nice (of course it's dedicated to you -
> think 'Exorcist'), try hitting a few "previous" links.
> If that doesn't work, try shoving a gerbil up your ass.

> oxox

> The Devil

I wonder this looks the same on a MAC as it does on a PC...?

* * *

Must pick up RF and DS at their hotel at 8:45 for a 9:00 meeting.   Enough of this nonsense.  

* * *

Tuesday March 07

Listening to Todd Rundgren's 'healing' this morning after less than four hours of sleep.  There were times in my life when the energy in this music pulled me through some difficulties.

Singing along in the shower clears out some of my remaining emotional cobwebs from those haunting me during the past week.  This music is an old friend.

You'll get no judgment from me
I will only give compassion
And if that's what you need, 
I will give you my compassion
Just don't forget about me
because we all need some compassion

* * *

A milestone day.  

* * *

Dinner with Robert, Curt, Trey, Debra, and Ezra downtown after an engaging afternoon with Peter Murphy, Charlie Hewitt, and MaryJo Kaczka.  BillR's mother hit a homerun with the cheesecake, again.

And now we owe her some DGM CDs: 'a blessing of tears' seems appropriate.  Must call Amy to arrange a delivery.

* * *

The stress of the past ten weeks is now replaced with a new flavor of stress thanks to a phone call to Curt.

* * *

Hand waving time is over.

Time to do.

* * *

Wednesday March 08

RF to the airport this morning c/o BillyR.  Thanks William.  Also, a great message on my cell vmail from Billy regarding an extended pause exercise, delivered via cell phone.   Worked like a charm.

* * *

Recovering from the Peter Murphy events and planning for the next stage of activity.  

* * * 

SGC rehearsal this evening.  Me: no energy.  None.  Not an ounce.  

Some minor disagreements regarding the value of our recent gig at an Irish bar.   Why play for people who are talking (rather than listening?) --  Background music for money: is this better than foreground music for music?  Not sure.  But I would do it again if the group feels it is worth doing.   

Also, some confusion about what to do for our already scheduled Whidbey gig in June.   Something about "goal diffusion" which I did not quite get, but let go -- not the right time, and more music to play.

* * *

Thursday March 09

Oh happy day.  

Excerpt from a BTV team mail:

"Congratulations -- the hard part is over.  Now the really really hard part begins."

* * *

Sore throat is back.   Feeling generally crappy.  Must repair myself  this weekend.  Sleeping in tomorrow morning.  

* * *

Sunday March 12

A much needed withdrawal from public life for a few days.  Much to report, and many significant events.  But none for public consumption.

Major movements going on locally and globally.  

* * *

One significant note:  it is again transition time for my good friend and Prometheus band-mate, Sanford Ponder.   Just over five years ago, Sanford came to visit me in Seattle, and never really went home.

Five years later, he now has the freedom to plot his own next step.   And another temptation looms just over the horizon via a possible move to the bay area.   

Nice to be involved again (albeit peripherally this time) in his process.

* * *

Continuing to ignore all but the most necessary communications.  Overwhelmed lately with people wishing to contact me. 

I am not generally available.  Apologies to the close friends who may be feeling less than close right now.

* * *

I am continually carrying an undercurrent of sadness, but positive movements within BTV and a good weekend with some personal practice time have recently chased out some old ghosts.  

Need to begin a new writing and recording project.  Have something in mind...  but too early to talk or act just yet.

As if I had time.   But the bottom line: my personal mental health depends upon making time for music.

* * *