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Monday April 20

* * *

Writing from Los Angeles.   What a stressful and hectic day.  A few disconcerting earthquakes.  And not just on the NASDAQ.  But I feel that one too.  Yeeouch.

Ate two putrid and pathetic meals today.  The first at Seatac, the second in Los Angeles with DavidS and JohnL earlier this evening.  

Eating low quality food is crippling.  This is not just another yup-ass sentiment regarding likes and dislikes of non-Martha Stewartesqe meals.  The food I ate today was exceptionally mediocre: sub-junk food.  At least with most standard junk food (McD, KFC, TacoShack, etc.) there is a level of basic consistency.  The two meals I ate today were completely devoid of quality.

* * *

From the mailbag:

----- Original Message ----- 
From: William Rieflin
To: Steve Ball 
Sent: Monday, Apr 03 9:42AM
Subject: DIARY

RE: your comment about gaps and lack of enthusiasm: Maybe mine is still up to date because 1) I cheat, and 2) I never had any enthusiasm for it in the first place. In fact I was quite wary. Can't lose what I don't have.

BillyR --  right on, as usual.

* * *

Day of key meetings tomorrow.  12:12am, bogo hotel, LA.  Missed the SGC rehearsal this evening.  

Feeling a strange sort of culture shock as I remain in touch with the course in BA, while being in touch with BTV dynamics in Seattle, while being in this schitzoid town.    Travel schmavel.   Glamour schmamor.  

Looking forward to going home in a few days.  

* * *


Tuesday April 21

LA day two, meetings out the wazoo.   Peter Murphy show at HOB.  Reznors, Lohners, Berrys and Tarantinos wait while BTV checks in with PM post-show.   More insights on the way to websites.  

Insufficient sleep is no barrier to what must be done. 

* * *

Wednesday April 22

Good meetings in LA.    Home.

* * *

Thursday  April 23

Just when you think it can not get any more surreal, the phone rings.

* * *

Friday April 24

Lovemonger action at BTV.   A reunion of sorts with Joyce, Frank, Sue, and SB.   Onward to a new era of collaboration in the extended Seattle music family. 

* * *

Bill Ericson leaves VLG for MDV, and the SGC circulates around Bill for a surround-sound version of Vulcanization at his going away party.

* * *

BillyR leaving soon for a three week vacation.

* * *

Way out of touch with diaries this week.   Too busy being and doing than writing about being and doing. Plus, I can't really write about the details in public yet.  

10:27pm.  A rare quiet evening at home.   Tomorrow, road trip with the SGC to Yakima for a Saturday night show.  

Happy Birthday, Isabel.  4y.o. today.  Thanks to Bob and Jax for being flexible with the VLG show tonight.  

Early to bed.  

* * *

Saturday April 25

Drive to Yakima.   Gig in a Unity Church.   Some ecstatic people.   Good show.  Worth the trip?  Maybe.   Always difficult to measure the value in a case like this.

* * *

Sunday April 26

And you, and you, and you. 

* * *