electric gauchos  improvised instrumental architecture
 available now: a unique, limited-edition new multi-disc release
beginning monthly with CD1 in January 2016
Electric Gauchos Shield

Electric Gauchos Box Set  CD1: Secret Structures 
CD1 (physical) is available via direct mail order as  of January 1st 2016
also available via most world-wide music services beginning early January
However: if you appreciate this work, please buy directly from the Artist

Buy CD1 directly here via PayPal, $15.00 + $6 US shipping.
EG Box Set CD1: Secret Structures

Or you can pre-purchase the full box set up-front
and each new CD will be sent on the first of each month
and the box will be send fall-2016.


Electric Gauchos Box Set 9 CDs *
* monthly shipping for each CD in the complete box set will be billed separately
as each CD will be released and sent on the first of each month, January - September of 2016.

Estimate for monthly shipping
: US ~ $2.00 per CD, international ~$5.00 per CD.
You can also opt to wait for the entire set to be ready, and it will ship all at once, as a complete set on Sept 1st, 2016.

EGBS: Artwork Close-up
( click for larger preview * )
* NOTE: originals are CMYK so color will be slightly distorted on the RGB web

  EGBS Box      EGBS Box  

  EGBS Box    EGBS Box  

  EGBS Box    EGBS Box  

  EGBS Box    EGBS Box  

  EGBS Box    EGBS Box  

  EGBS Box    EGBS Box  

  EGBS Box    EGBS Box  

  EGBS Box    EGBS Box  

  EGBS Box    EGBS Box  

Audition: Electric Gauchos Box Set  
nine CDs in a bold beautiful box
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Songs
  CD1 CD2  CD3 CD4 CD5 CD6  CD7 CD8 CD9  


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CD1: Secret Structures
Electric Gauchos Box Set
Tuesday Musicians
Steve Ball, Horacio Pozzo, Fernando Kabusacki, Igor Abuladze
 Doug Erickson, Brock Avery, Fernando Samalea
also featuring Stephen Thompson on single-take improvised flute, sax, and cello
and Jane Siberry on vocal interstitials

CD 1 and 2 tracks, all improvised on
Tuesday May 27th, 2014
Creatio Studio, Kirkland WA
Recording Engineer: Steve Smith
Mixes by: Steve Ball and Brock Avery
Produced by: Steve Ball
Electric Gauchos - May 2014

YouTube CD1 Highlight

Secret Structures: CD1 Track 1

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