electric gauchos  improvised instrumental architecture
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Electric Gauchos Shield

Electric Gauchos Box Set  
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CD6: Last Highway
Electric Gauchos Box Set
Thursday Afternoon Musicians
Steve Ball, Horacio Pozzo, Fernando Kabusacki, Igor Abuladze
 Doug Erickson, Brock Avery, Fernando Samalea, Bob Williams
also featuring Stephen Thompson on single-take improvised flute, sax, and cello
and Jane Siberry on vocal interstitials

CD 5 and 6 tracks, all improvised on
Thursday May 29th, 2014
Creatio Studio, Kirkland WA
Recording Engineer: Steve Smith
Mixes by: Steve Ball and Brock Avery
Produced by: Steve Ball
Electric Gauchos - May 2014

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