electric gauchos  improvised instrumental architecture
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beginning monthly in January 2016
Electric Gauchos Shield

Electric Gauchos Box Set  
nine CDs in a bold beautiful box
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CD5: Under Water
Electric Gauchos Box Set
Thursday Musicians
Steve Ball, Horacio Pozzo, Fernando Kabusacki, Igor Abuladze
 Doug Erickson, Brock Avery, Fernando Samalea, Bob Williams
also featuring Stephen Thompson on single-take improvised flute, sax, and cello
featuring Jane Siberry and Stephen Thompson on vocal interstitials

CD 5 and 6 tracks, all improvised on
Thursday May 29th, 2014
Creatio Studio, Kirkland WA
Recording Engineer: Steve Smith
Mixes by: Steve Ball and Brock Avery
Produced by: Steve Ball
Electric Gauchos - May 2014

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Tiny God: CD5 Track 8

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