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Monday April 10

Spent Saturday and Sunday in Yakima for SGC shows on both days.   Deep disorientation, and somewhat of a culture shock, given all of the front burner pressures at BTV right now.   

Dumbass move of the week: I spent the night at the BTV office last night -- a first.   Working on bplan 3.1, and the work seems to be multiplying to fill all available space.  

Feeling optimistic about this plan, however, and the people who keep showing up to make it happen.   But I am now really really really tired.   

12:31am now.  Despite this stupidity, I am now waiting up for a necessary conference call to the UK at 1am.

* * *

Quick mail from Pablo and MG today, re: next steps in South America.  Yikes.   As if one continent were not enough to grok and service.   But, yes,... I know this is the price of being global + mobile.   So, an extra effort is required.   And an extra effort was delivered.   Hence, the bags under what used to be my blue, now completely red, eyes.

Sneezing like a maniac, all day today.   Pollen.  Spring be gone.   I miss winter.   When my eyes were blue. 

And open.   

* * *

SGC rehearsal this evening.  I love this group, and counted my blessings again this evening, 28 times.  We began with a 28-bar prayer for a friend who lost her mother today.   

Lord, have mercy.

* * *

Tuesday April 11

So much to report, and all of it confidential, potentially dangerous, but extremely interesting.  The diary I'm writing in my mind as I review my day is a compelling soap opera of human events unfolding in an extraordinary environment at an unusual time.

My reflections on the current processes will have to wait for the retrospective.

* * *

Completed a significant process today which began five years ago.   Again, discretion advised.   

Also, called my accountant.  And stood in line for a new driver's license.  Yawn.   Standard question at any level two process: how to embrace and remain engaged while apparently immersed in the mundane.  

* * *

Nice email from SueE today.   The extended family seems to be coming together.  Missing BillR's ongoing dialog and presence in my life.  Hope he is having a nice vacation.

Really owing my Mom (and Brock, and Bev Keim, and just under a bazillion others) return phone call.  

* * *

1:00am now, and just beginning to pack for travel over the next five days.   Not sure how much diary posting I will be able to do while on the road, but the writing will continue.

* * *

Sunday April 16

Just home from a whirlwind trip to LA and SF.  12:40am and checking in on 763 unread and soon to be deleted emails, piles of letters, and a real need to sleep.    

Recent significant events: 

- Dinner with SanfordP in SF last evening.   Sanford recently went to work for TellMe in Mountain View.   A new stage in our long and intersecting work together and apart.  Interesting perspectives from parallel start-ups.

- A now-obvious wake up call from DavidC on Friday morning and a nice five year reunion with MarkM at Mutato on Friday afternoon.

- Disadvantage to advantage in action: I practiced for 3+ hours in the Oakland airport today.  I rarely travel without a guitar, and this is why.   I love to practice in airports.   No wasted time.   Flight delayed, cancelled?   Yippee!

- Phone call from BillR's mom today with Bill's phone number in a far, far away vacation land.  

Many other interesting events this week, but the beans must remain unspilled here since we are getting more public every day with plans and proceedings.

I really needed to be home today, and was flying standby -- duh.    In some respects, this was a day lost, and in others, it was a day gained.   Lots of work done in the airport that may have otherwise been pushed aside by pressing matters at home.

I miss being away from home with only a suitcase, guitar, and clear calendar.   

Someday, again.  But not this year.

* * *