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Monday May 08

A milestone day.   Up an octave.   Hit the ball out of the park this morning in a presentation for the darling dozen from MDV.  Congratulations to MDV in opening their new office in Seattle.   Baseball metaphor and a celebration at the Stadium this evening.  Almost makes me want to see a real baseball game in Safeco field.  

On second thought: nah.   Who has time?

* * *

Working on creating a map lately.   The map is completed.  Now time to hit the road. The good news:  the answer was yes.   The bad news: the speedometer went from 1.25km/sec to 2.50km/sec this evening.   

Hang on tight. 

* * *

SGC rehearsal this evening.  Preparation for our show at I-Spy on Wednesday evening.   Ingrid is supposedly doing a slide show during our performance.   Hope she actually follows-through at does this.   She does not know it, but she and we both need this.

* * *

Tuesday May 09

Motoring forward.  To sleep at 1:41am.  Must get through some of this mail backlog.  When the mailbox hits 2000 unread, something drastic must be done.    Amanda starts tomorrow.

* * *

Good lesson for the content team today -- some real Repercussions of Angelic Behavior.   The title takes on new meaning.

* * *

Low on sleep.   And full of energy.

* * *

Wednesday May 10

Rosenbergs visit BTV.   Wow.  Great energy from these guys, and some amazing resonance: Jonatha Brooke fans, too.   A great sign.

* * *

SGC gig at I-Spy.  Could have done without the opening ultra-long haircut performance art.   Unfortunately, this crap gives performance art a bad name.   

If you are going to do something on stage, make me laugh, cry, sing along, or dance.   During the haircut, I just wanted to go home.

Then, a respectable SGC set in an unlikely place.  The highlight for me: Sigh and a Kiss.  Bob's practicing is really paying off.  Solos continue to evolve and tell stories.  New stories every night.   

* * *

Thursday  May 11

Rosenbergs back in the office today.  Great guys with talent, intelligence, and some excellent songs.

And some great traction with Tattoo, Sue+Bill+Barbara, and encoding in-house!   Dinner with Barbara and Eric and Gordon Biersh, or however you spell it.  Met Carrie Akre after all these years.  I used to listen to the first Goodness record on auto-repeat over and over and over again when I used to work in Redwest C, late at night on Rifff episodes.    

Insurance???  What's up with that?  Raw talent is no guarantee of success.    

* * *

Rosenbergs show at I-Spy tonight was a total winner.  Some local celebs in the audience, and at least half of BTV.   Nice crowd and a great show.  These guys are going places.  

* * *

Off to Whidbey Island this weekend with the Rep Circle.   Looking forward to two days of personal practice, rehearsals, circulation, and repertoire work with this enthusiastic group.  Wish TravisH and SteveE were coming along, but they don't wish to be in this wing of our cult.   Ah well.  Their loss.

Wish Bob, Jax, Dean, and BillR were coming, too.   A writing weekend would be really nice right now.  Perhaps another time soon.

* * *